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The Christmas shopping season is upon us! So to make your lives easier I’m going to offer up some holiday gift ideas every week until Christmas. Sound good?

This week I’ve got the ultimate gift for that person you just can’t shop for – wantful.com. It’s an online retail destination that only carries stuff that can’t be found in mainstream retailers. Trust me, these well-designed premium products will impress even the pickiest person on your list.

So this is how wantful.com works. It’s super easy and quick.

First you input who you’re buying for and how much you want to spend ($30 to $500). Then you answer a few questions about their style and interests. With that info they spit out a variety (like 50-100) of recommended gift ideas. From those recommendations you select 12 gifts that are compiled into a beautifully printed book, wrapped in rice paper and sent to the person you’re buying the gift for. Shopping has never been so easy and honestly it’s all cool stuff!

When the person receives the book they choose one item from the 12 selected items, go to wantful.com and redeem their gift. The gift is then sent to them.

From jewellery, accessories, entertaining, to beauty, art and decor, and giving back I would be surprised if you can’t find something for that special person on your list.

Above are a few things I’d like in my gift book and they’re all in the $100 category! Pretty sweet.

Happy shopping!




Alanna Banks

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