two years – a note to my l’il E

L'il E is two


To my sweet L’il E,

Two years ago today you showed up a week early and it’s from that day that my life changed forever. You’re the coolest little kid and I know you are going to grow up to do great things (and probably some not so great things).

I love being your mom and I still sit and stare at you like I did the day you were born. I don’t think that awe will ever disappear. I promise I won’t be like that creepy mother in that Robert Munsch book “Love you forever“.

I can’t believe how much you have grown and accomplished since I wrote this post a year ago. I loved the first year, but the second year has been so amazing seeing you morph from a little baby into a little boy. You learned to walk, you learned to run, you learned to talk and best of all you learned how to make us laugh.

You’re a very thoughtful and observant little guy (you were even like that at a week old) and it’s as if the wheels in your head are constantly spinning. You’re not one to take risks, in fact you are extremely cautious and just like your mom and dad you suss out the situation before you get too comfortable. Unfortunately you inherited my stubbornness (we’ll work on that) and dad’s hairline (we’ll work on growing that out a bit).

I wanted to write this note to you so that we could look back one day and remember all of the funny things you say and do. So here’s a list of my faves:

1. Every morning you greet us with a very loud “Hiiiiiyaaaaa”. Even though you’re in a big boy bed and can get out of it on your own, you insist that one of us comes into your room to give you permission to get out of bed.

2. You love oatmeal (you call it “meal”) or Cheerios for breakfast.

3. Our iPad is probably your most prized possession and I often wonder if we should stage an intervention, but the games and videos you play and watch have taught you a lot like letters, numbers, colours, and animals.

4. Your crutch is your soother. You only suck on it at bedtime and nap time but you LOVE it and I can’t take that comfort away from you.

5. “Helpy?” is your favourite thing to say. You are always game to help with baking, unloading the dishwasher, sorting laundry, watering plants, chopping stuff for dinner, sweeping, and vacuuming. I know this won’t last much longer so I’m taking advantage of it now.

6. You go nuts for chai tea and so we let you drink it diluted with a lot of milk and honey. You especially like to sit on your special cushion and have tea time as a family. It’s pretty cute.

7. You love brushing your teeth. Please continue to love this important hygiene activity.

8. The streetcar ride is probably the highlight of your day most days and you love giving the driver the token. There are many crazy characters on our rides to and from school; you love observing them all and they don’t seem to confuse you.

9. You’re really into saying please, thank you and you’re welcome all at once. We’re working on the sequence of  who says what when but right now you’re happy saying all three.

10. You give the best hugs and kisses. You don’t give them out often but when you do I feel so loved.

Happy Birthday to my L’il E. I know you’re big but you’ll be my L’il forever.




Alanna Banks

One thought on “two years – a note to my l’il E

  1. What a sweet, beautiful tribute to your little boy. I love thinking back and remembering all the things that are so much a part of my son too. I’m sure that he will love reading this when he’s bigger.

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