my 12 best recipes of 2012

This year I fully embraced the wheat free lifestyle and with that came a lot of experimenting in the kitchen.

I love to eat good food, but because wheat is in almost everything learning to cook without it is a huge task. I took time researching and looking through many cookbooks and websites, I learned a lot about alternative flours and how to use them and now I’m embarking on 2013 with a arsenal of great recipes that actually taste good (not like cardboard!).

Here are our 12 favourite recipes of 2012. They are on a high rotation in our household.

  1. Homemade turkey soup – what else do you do with all that leftover turkey?
  2. Healthy blueberry muffins – the most popular post on FO, these are healthy and delicious!
  3. Dairy free carrot ginger soup – was a staple in our fridge until we discovered L’il E’s tree nut allergy (oops!).
  4. Wheat and dairy free brownies – if you love sweet, sticky brownies these might not be for your, but I like them.
  5. Maple ginger granola – a nice twist on a traditional recipe.
  6. Gluten free mac ‘n cheese – the ultimate comfort food so even us GF people need it!
  7. Wheat free raspberry muffins – my all time favourite muffin (yum!).
  8. Healthy cookie recipe – a pleasant surprise, you can put just about anything you want in these.
  9. Flourless lemon almond torte – delicious dessert if you’re looking to class things up a bit.
  10. Quinoa burgers – even meat-eaters will chow down on these amazing burgers.
  11. Lemon cilantro chickpea quinoa salad – I have an unhealthy relationship with this salad (consume in large amounts!).
  12. Dunk-worthy gluten free chocolate chip cookies – Finally a gluten-free cookie that actually tastes like its wheat counterpart (happy face!).

Enjoy a less rumbly tummy!

Alanna Banks

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