the waiting game

Now that L’il E is almost four months old I’m on the hunt for child care options for when I return to work. I’ve still got eight more months to go, but daycare is competitive and I probably should have looked into this while I was still pregnant. I know it’s crazy to say that, but living and working downtown Toronto puts child care at a premium with very limited spaces. So far L’il is on two waiting lists (with very little hope) and the cost is an astronomical – $1600 per month (I know my jaw dropped too).

Fortunately there are mothers out there who are trying to make a change. Mothers for Child Care is a task force on child care that investigates the accessibility, quality and affordability of child care services in Toronto. They recently posted this survey and if you’re in the same boat as me or you have kids in daycare fill it out because the results will be compiled into a public report for media and decision makers.

Hopefully we can bring the cost down!

Alanna Banks

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