a summer cocktail – dehydrate and rehydrate

Coconut Water and Rum

So after many requests I’m reinstating “It’s Friday and I need a drink”. I figure it’s only appropriate considering I’ve assumed the position of “stay-at-home mom” this summer. Until September it’s me, L’il E and LJ 24/7 and let me tell you it’s more work than any 9-5 out there. Seriously!

So, here goes. On a cottage weekend a couple weeks ago, my friend Brandon introduced me to one of the best cocktails. It’s the best for us moms because it hydrates you as it dehydrates you with a generous amount of coconut water. Ya it’s pretty great. Interested? Well keep reading.

Boorman’s Coconut Water Rum

You’ll need:

  • Tall glass filled with ice
  • One can Grace’s Coconut Water (note: it HAS to be Grace’s Coconut Water (the sweetened one). After much research it tastes the best :))
  • Spiced Rum (any brand will do) or you can just go for regular rum, but it’s gotta be dark rum (I’m married to a Haligonian).

Then you:

  1. Fill tall glass with ice.
  2. Add 2 shots rum.
  3. Top off with Grace’s Coconut Water.

Done! Happy Friday!


Alanna Banks

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