open wide zippered pouch

IMG_3289 open wide zippered pouch

I’m baaack!

Life has been busy around here. I’ve been finishing up work, focusing on the fabric shop, doing lot’s of blogging for Urban Moms and then of course the usual family stuff with L’il E and the Hubs. Now that I’m off work and on mat leave again (it feels like I was just on mat leave!) I’m hoping I’ll have more time for y’all, at least until #2 arrives in just less than 5 weeks!

One thing I haven’t been neglecting is sewing. I’ve got so many gorge fabrics just staring me in the face that I’m always looking for little projects to work on and test them out. Recently I made a few of these open wide zippered pouches using the tutorial on Anna’s blog, Noodlehead. What I like the most about these pouches is they open up SO wide. No time wasted digging around looking for that tiny eye liner pencil. The medium one (photo above) measures in at 12″ wide and 7″ tall and it’s perfect as a travel cosmetic bag because you can cram everything in there.

For the exterior I used Anna Maria Horner’s Sundials in Amethyst and for the interior I used Designer Solids in Chartreuse. I also made a smaller size for my Mom using Anna Maria Horner’s Mind’s Eye in Jazz  for the exterior and Carly Griffith’s Matryoshka Dots in Purple for the interior. All fabric is available in the shop!

Why not give this tutorial a try.

Happy sewing.

Alanna Banks

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