my latest creation

I had my first go at felting this weekend and it’s a very cool effect. I decided L’il E was in need of a homemade stocking so I stopped off at The Knit Cafe for some inspiration. They have a wall of various modern patterns to choose from so I knew I would find the perfect stocking pattern. The one I chose is called “xmas stocking” and it’s super easy. Using large (7mm) double pointed kneedles and fat wool made it a breeze to knit up and to felt it all you do is throw all your hard work in the washing machine with dish detergent and voila. I highly recommend it!

Measuring in at 27 inches long maybe I should have rethought the size? It’s going to be a big stocking to fill every year, but I’m sure we’ll make it happen.

What are you knitting up for xmas?

Alanna Banks

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