maple ginger granola

My breakfast staple for years has been my own homemade granola, but when I went gluten free in August it was time to say b-bye. I’ve been dappling with a variety of gluten free granolas and I’ve tried making my own using quinoa flakes instead of oats, but none of them have comparde to my tried and true recipe.

Last Friday I picked up the highly coveted Food & Drink magazine from the LC and as I flipped through, ripping out all the amazing recipes, I zeroed in on one for Maple Ginger Granola. Technically it’s not gluten-free because I’m using regular oats, but I did manage to keep it wheat free and let me tell you, it’s amazing. The ginger, maple and orange blend together so nicely and leave it tasting just sweet enough.

Want to try?

It lasts up to two weeks at room temp or you can freeze it if you don’t think you’ll be able to eat it all.

What is your favourite granola recipe?



Alanna Banks

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