healthy cookie recipe

I found another yummy cookie recipe (thanks Robi)! This one is dairy and wheat free and has no refined sugar.

Are you thinking cookie buzz-kill? Sorry!

I made these healthy cookies with chocolate chips and dried cranberries, but you could really use any dried fruit or nuts you want. The next time I think I’m going to use coconut and chocolate chips or maybe dried cranberries and walnuts. The possibilities are endless.

They don’t taste like your average high-octane ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie, but your waist-line and your hypoglycemic-index will thank me later. Trust me! So here it goes.

Happy baking! Tell me what your favourite combo is? Are you a raisins person? Or a dried ginger person?

Alanna Banks

2 thoughts on “healthy cookie recipe

  1. ooohhh…these look so good alanna! i’ve been cooking almost exclusively with spelt flour lately so i’ll be trying these within the next few days i think!

  2. am about to start batches #2 and #3 of these (batch #1 didn’t last long – kind of a cross between a cookie and a muffin, I think – very yummy and guilt-free!) – with each kid getting to pick their own “toppings” or “fillings”. Luke is going with grated apple and cranberry and Sadie is going with chocolate chips and coconut (you can tell which one has the sweet tooth).

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