first v day memories

Love is in the air – everywhere I turn there are hearts, everything I read is about love and even the radio has been bitten by the love doctor. Since when did V Day become a giant holiday?

I have a love/hate relationship with this day. When you’re a singleton this is the most dreaded day of the year (it just makes you feel more alone), but when you’re a married or in a relationship this day is stressful.  Am I right? There is so much pressure to perform, be romantic and demonstrate your love, but sometimes the stars just don’t align. It can feel forced. Fortunately the Hubs and I have an agreement – we just don’t join in on the hooplah, instead we do our own thing in the privacy of our home.

Anyhow, I do have fond memories of my very first V Day with the Hubs nine years ago. We had just met the previous November so the relationship was new and I wasn’t sure if we were at Valentine’s Day date status. My dad had a pair of tickets to the Leafs game and offered them to me, so I figured I would go for it and invite the would-be Hubs – what kind of guy would turn down a hockey game on Valentine’s Day? I remember him showing up at my house with flowers to pick me up and I still get butterflies thinking about that moment. To be honest it was my very first “real” Valentines Day date. The following day I was treated to a couples massage and breakfast. I knew then that I would be celebrating V Day with him for the rest of my life.

Hope you’re feeling the love today. I certainly am!




Alanna Banks

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