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Hiya! My name is Alanna and this is where I get my blog on.

I live in Toronto’s west end with the Hubs and our two boys L’il E and LJ. I’m a wannabe baker/cook, a total nerd for crafts and navigating the balance of life, work and being a new mum.

If you’re into yummy recipes, sewing, knitting, DIY, the odd product review, cocktails and hearing rants about my life then I think we’ll get along just fine.

I also own a sweet little online fabric shop called Fridays Off Fabric Shop. In the shop you’ll find beautiful high quality modern fabrics for quilting, home dec, or other sewing projects.

This is my personal blog and it’s written and edited by me only. The views and opinions expressed here are also all mine and only mine. I do entertain pitches and will consider products for review or a giveaway but only if they’re the right fit and I like the pitch. If I don’t believe in a product I won’t post about it.

If you like what I’m sayin’ then tweet it, like it on Facebook or leave a comment. I LOVE when you comment 🙂





One thought on “About Me

  1. I am really interested in your twitter and the content that you seem to be involved with is very similar to I project that I am working on right now. The project is called The Lonely Organist and it is a short film with a strong emphasis on music. We are currently trying to raise funding through a crowd surfing campaign on Indiegogo in order to make the project a reality. Your influence in the industry would be an incredible asset in helping us gain a bit of momentum. Would it be possible for you to post something about our campaign on your twitter? We would be happy to help spread any content that you may have to our following base. You can check out The Lonely Organist through the links below.

    Jordan Martin, Social Media Strategist
    The Lonely Organist 

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