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  1. Hey There,

    I write about beer for blogTO and I recently stumbled on your father’s day post. In it, you noted “if you know the right people you might be able to snag some Parkdale swill under the guise of Roncessvalles Red, Lord Dufferin and Parkdale Pale Ale.”

    I’m curious to know if you’ve actually tried any Parkdale Brewery beer. I’ve been corresponding with the administrator of Parkdale’s FB page and talked with numerous other beer fans, but I am yet to find any real proof that the beer exists.

    Have you actually had some? I’d love some more info if you’ve got it.

    Great blog, by the way.

    1. Thanks Ben! No I haven’t actually tried the beer. I met the guys at an event about a year ago and it definitely exists, but I think it’s only available in small batches and maybe among their circle of friends. If I hear anything I’ll let you know. Good luck!

  2. Hi Alanna
    A friend of mine shared with me your fabric online store and I am so happy to discover a local fabric store. I managed a sewing studio a Sew be it studio, and we are expanding our retail department. I was wondering if you do wholesale?

    Thanks and I hope you are enjoying the sunny monday!

  3. Hey Alanna!
    I was so very excited to see the article about your shop as I sat down with a cup of tea to enjoy a copy of Style at Home that surprisingly landed on my doorstep (thanks to my mortgage broker who had recently helped me renew!).
    CONGRATULATIONS on your success and on your partnership with Conker Cancer. We receive these pillow cases at or own children’s hospital (the IWK Health Centre) and they are a very welcome treat. We have had volunteers come in to do workshops with children and youth, helping them create their very ow pillow cases out of pre-cut fabrics…something to keep in mind.
    Keep up the great work.

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