the truth

Well yesterday was my intro into the crazy land of craft fairs. I had a good day, it was a good experience and I made money BUT let’s put it this way…I’m glad I have a day job. The fair wasn’t as well attended as I had anticipated and most of the people just touched all my stuff and then would walk away – they weren’t there to buy. My stuff is better suited for the Queen West craft crowd and thank you to my friends who came and bought stuff, I know it was tough being sandwiched between ugly jewellery and airbrushed jean jackets (who wears that stuff?).

I’m setting my sights on City of Craft for next year. That will be my goal for 2012. In the meantime I have lots of eye pillows left so if you want one just holler.


Alanna Banks

One thought on “the truth

  1. Hi Alanna
    Are you able to send eye pillows to Florida? If so, I would be happy to take 5. If not keep these for me and I will take them in February when we are home. Don’t be discouraged. Consider it a learning experience. You now know where to market and what sells. You did a great job. Also, today I saw lavender golf shoes stuffers in a box for . Love you, Deb

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