grill-worthy quinoa burgers

My backyard, a quinoa veggie burger, sweet potato fries and bevvies. Yum!

On Saturday night we had a little backyard BBQ action, but it was of the meatless variety. I love the challenge of a vegetarian dinner guest!

I wanted to keep things casual and I wanted something that everyone would enjoy – even the meat lovers – so I decided to give quinoa burgers a try. I scoured the web for a good recipe and I found one over at the The Vegan Project.

This recipe has lots of flavour, is filling and kept their form on the grill (no crumbling!). I also whipped them up in under 30 minutes. So, if you’re having veggie company this summer, keep this recipe in your back pocket, they blow the pre-made veggie burgers out of the water and you’re left looking like superstar.

Happy veggie grilling!

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  1. Debbie Ringler

    Sounds delicious. I think we will give these a try!

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