open wide zippered pouch

IMG_3289 open wide zippered pouch

I’m baaack!

Life has been busy around here. I’ve been finishing up work, focusing on the fabric shop, doing lot’s of blogging for Urban Moms and then of course the usual family stuff with L’il E and the Hubs. Now that I’m off work and on mat leave again (it feels like I was just on mat leave!) I’m hoping I’ll have more time for y’all, at least until #2 arrives in just less than 5 weeks!

One thing I haven’t been neglecting is sewing. I’ve got so many gorge fabrics just staring me in the face that I’m always looking for little projects to work on and test them out. Recently I made a few of these open wide zippered pouches using the tutorial on Anna’s blog, Noodlehead. What I like the most about these pouches is they open up SO wide. No time wasted digging around looking for that tiny eye liner pencil. The medium one (photo above) measures in at 12″ wide and 7″ tall and it’s perfect as a travel cosmetic bag because you can cram everything in there.

For the exterior I used Anna Maria Horner’s Sundials in Amethyst and for the interior I used Designer Solids in Chartreuse. I also made a smaller size for my Mom using Anna Maria Horner’s Mind’s Eye in Jazz  for the exterior and Carly Griffith’s Matryoshka Dots in Purple for the interior. All fabric is available in the shop!

Why not give this tutorial a try.

Happy sewing.

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i’m three


On April 4th we turned 3!

I have been so crazy busy the last few months that I missed my blog-iversary completely! It feels like just yesterday that I posted about turning two.

This has been one of the most challenging, tiring, and transformative years of my life. It’s been filled with a lot of self evaluation and self doubt, but on the flip side it’s been my year of action. A year of making things happen and just going for it.

I struggled with my return to work, agonized over L’il E’s first day of “school” (it’s daycare, but we call it school) and had a third life crisis. I sold my wares at the Queen West Art Crawl, chopped off my long locks and reminisced about our pre-baby days. We celebrated L’il E’s second birthday and announced the arrival of baby #2. The hubs and I faced our fears on the Edge Walk and I started blogging at UrbanMoms. BUT the one accomplishment I’m most proud of is the opening of my online fabric shop.

If nothing else it’s been a weird year for me (what about you?), but I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I wish I could raise an alcoholic beverage to my fourth year, but until July 11 Perrier will have to do.

Thanks to all of you for continuing to read and I promise good things will continue to come.



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kiehl’s ultra facial oil-free gel cream


As you know I’m a big fan of Kiehl’s products and I was happy to hear that in honour of Earth Day (coming up on Monday April 22) they’re doing something special. One hundred per cent of net proceeds of the Limited Edition Label Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream will be donated to Evergreen, a not-for-profit organization that improves the health of our Canadian cities.

This Oil-Free Gel Cream is great for sensitive skin. It’s paraben-free, silicone-free, dye-free and fragrance-free. It helps rebalance skin’s hydration levels and provides all-day no-shine moisture. If you’ve got sensitive skin you know that this time of year usually brings on a dry and flaky mess. I’ve been using this stuff for the past week coupled with my nightly application of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and my skin has never felt smoother (it’s almost as smooth as L’il E’s).

I say this is the perfect addition to your face care regime as we head into the hot and humid summer months. The gel cream is so smooth and light and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky like some of the other gel creams I’ve tried.

If you’re not into earth day celebrations why not treat yourself to a nice little gift instead! It’s $56 at your local Kiehl’s store and again 100% of net proceeds will be donated to Evergreen. I think it’s worth it.

Happy (almost) Earth Day.


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oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

These oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are delicious and they’re wheat free. They taste like oatmeal raisin cookies because I used an oatmeal raisin recipe (courtesy of FoodDoodles), but nixed the raisins (blech raisins!) and subbed with chocolate chips.

I feel like I should be baking lighter more spring-like treats, but I’m still in hibernation mode, so these suit me just fine.  Try them for yourself, they’re sweet and not as crumbly as other wheat free cookies I’ve baked. In fact crumbling these up into a mug with almond milk is pretty deadly. My BFF (who I think is totally skeptical of my wheat free baking) told me they win cookie of the year, so they must be good.

Happy baking!






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the great camp adventure


I have always been a supporter of SickKids Foundation, partly because I do a lot of work with them through my work with DQ, but also because my nieces have received amazing care through a similar foundation in Alberta. So, when I was asked to write a sponsored post for their latest campaign of course I said YES, I’d love to!

On September 28 SickKids Foundation will host a new adventure walk for the whole family called The Canaccord Genuity Great Camp Adventure. It’s a full day adventure designed to be fun for the little ones and the big kids at heart –  babies in strollers, grams and gramps and everyone in between will be able to participate and feel like a camp kid again.

So here’s the deal. Rally your troops and register here (registration fee is $65 and non-refundable) or you can go the old fashioned route and call 416-4-KEEPS. The planned route will be full of fun adventures and if you’re up for the challenge your team can walk as far as 20 km (but it’s up to you how far you want to go). The littles (ages 3-17) are expected to raise a minimum of $150 and the adults (18+) are expected to raise a minimum or $500.

You can request more information here, keep up to date with the campaign on Facebook here, or follow them on Twitter @campforkeeps.

If you’re looking for something fun to do with the fam and want to help raise money for The Hospital for Sick Children’s most urgent needs this should be on your list.

Will I see you there?




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green with envy fabric sale

Green with Envy

The fabric shop has been open for a week and it’s St. Pat’s Day on Saturday so I thought I would celebrate with a sale!

Enter Green with Envy as the discout code when you’re checking out and you will receive 10% off your order between now and Saturday March 17th.

Tell your friends and happy shopping!


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fridays off fabric shop now open

Fridays Off Fabric Shop logo


I am so excited to finally tell you what I’ve been busy with for the last several months!

Today I’m launching my very own online fabric shop – aptly named fridays off! The idea came to me early in the new year and I immediately sprang into action meeting with fabric distributors and immersing myself into the world of 100% cotton fabrics.

My shop is being hosted over at, an amazing ecommerce platform and proudly Canadian (woot!).

I’m so stoked about this venture and I can hardly wait for it to take off. Some may think it’s bad timing given the Hubs and I have another baby on the way, but I couldn’t think of a better time to get this started.

I am so thankful to my pal Matt for creating my awesome logo and helping me doctor some photos. I also love my fabric “dealer” Erika she really helped me brainstorm some fantastic ideas and made me feel like I could do this, when I started to get cold feet.

With this venture kicking off within hours, sadly my domain will be moved to my shop so if you’ve got this in your readers or bookmarked or whatever please change it to I will continue to blog but the focus will likely change slightly.

I hope you stick with me as I forage down this entrepreneurial path. I’m going to need all the encouragement I can get. Also, if you’re into fabric check my stuff out. There will be much more coming and I promis you will love it all. In addition to fabric I will be selling patterns and making up kits – bundling curated fabrics with specific sewing cards – for those that need that extra bit of inspiration.

Check back often and wish me luck!!




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midnight recovery concentrate


My tired, winter stained skin is being put to the test over the next 10 days. Kiehl’s Canada has hooked me up with with two bottles of their Midnight Recovery Concentrate and challenged me to change my skin.

I’m up for it!

The elixir is a water-free concentration of Squalane (a botanical lipid that is similar in molecular structure to natural skin lipids), night-blooming Evening Primrose and essential oils including Lavender (my favourite). It also contains Coriander and Rose Hip Seed Oils, which when combined, provides a complete blend of Omegas (Omega 3, 6 and 9). Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids have a restructuring benefit which keeps the skin hydrated.

I didn’t know this but your skin gets busy overnight and especially between midnight and 4:00 a.m. No wonder we look so deprived when we’ve been up all night! Kiehl’s specifically formulated this product to boost the repair and regeneration of skin during this time period.

I would snap a close up o demonstrate the before, but I don’t want to scare you, so you’ll just have to take my word for it when 10 days are up. I’m pregnant so I have really great skin right now (IMHO). For whatever reason pregnancy agrees with my complexion – no oil, no blemishes, but could use more glow and probably some hydration.

If you want to give it a try go pick up a bottle at Kiehl’s ($48.00).

Wish me luck!



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valentine’s day breakfast

photo (7)

Call me crazy, but I made a pancake breakfast for the Hubs, L’il E and I this morning (as if our mornings aren’t rushed enough!). To get into the Valentine’s Day spirit I made them heart-shaped to boot!

Since I’ve gone wheat free finding a pancake recipe worthy of butter and maple syrup has been difficult, but I finally found one a few months ago and it has become my go-to. They’re light, fluffy, and taste like their wheat filled counterparts and they have yogurt so they must be healthy.

Feeling the love? Give them a try!



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two years – a note to my l’il E

L'il E is two


To my sweet L’il E,

Two years ago today you showed up a week early and it’s from that day that my life changed forever. You’re the coolest little kid and I know you are going to grow up to do great things (and probably some not so great things).

I love being your mom and I still sit and stare at you like I did the day you were born. I don’t think that awe will ever disappear. I promise I won’t be like that creepy mother in that Robert Munsch book “Love you forever“.

I can’t believe how much you have grown and accomplished since I wrote this post a year ago. I loved the first year, but the second year has been so amazing seeing you morph from a little baby into a little boy. You learned to walk, you learned to run, you learned to talk and best of all you learned how to make us laugh.

You’re a very thoughtful and observant little guy (you were even like that at a week old) and it’s as if the wheels in your head are constantly spinning. You’re not one to take risks, in fact you are extremely cautious and just like your mom and dad you suss out the situation before you get too comfortable. Unfortunately you inherited my stubbornness (we’ll work on that) and dad’s hairline (we’ll work on growing that out a bit).

I wanted to write this note to you so that we could look back one day and remember all of the funny things you say and do. So here’s a list of my faves:

1. Every morning you greet us with a very loud “Hiiiiiyaaaaa”. Even though you’re in a big boy bed and can get out of it on your own, you insist that one of us comes into your room to give you permission to get out of bed.

2. You love oatmeal (you call it “meal”) or Cheerios for breakfast.

3. Our iPad is probably your most prized possession and I often wonder if we should stage an intervention, but the games and videos you play and watch have taught you a lot like letters, numbers, colours, and animals.

4. Your crutch is your soother. You only suck on it at bedtime and nap time but you LOVE it and I can’t take that comfort away from you.

5. “Helpy?” is your favourite thing to say. You are always game to help with baking, unloading the dishwasher, sorting laundry, watering plants, chopping stuff for dinner, sweeping, and vacuuming. I know this won’t last much longer so I’m taking advantage of it now.

6. You go nuts for chai tea and so we let you drink it diluted with a lot of milk and honey. You especially like to sit on your special cushion and have tea time as a family. It’s pretty cute.

7. You love brushing your teeth. Please continue to love this important hygiene activity.

8. The streetcar ride is probably the highlight of your day most days and you love giving the driver the token. There are many crazy characters on our rides to and from school; you love observing them all and they don’t seem to confuse you.

9. You’re really into saying please, thank you and you’re welcome all at once. We’re working on the sequence of  who says what when but right now you’re happy saying all three.

10. You give the best hugs and kisses. You don’t give them out often but when you do I feel so loved.

Happy Birthday to my L’il E. I know you’re big but you’ll be my L’il forever.




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