my patchwork pouf

My pouf is finished (finally!). Making it was not as easy as I thought it was going to be! The easy part was buying the fabric (thank you Workroom!) and sewing all the triangles together, but from there it all requires a lot of patience and in my case perseverance. Don’t skimp on the stuffing, it doesn’t look like it takes a lot but trust me you need a lot (3lbs is no exaggeration!). The last step which is the tufting is the most stressful, I got very frustrated and almost had an adult temper tantrum (not attractive!). Make sure you invest in some serious fishing wire and you definitely need that long upholstery needle. Once the tufting is complete it’s smooth sailing!

Now onto new projects before I try to make another. Next time I’m going bigger!

Alanna Banks

10 thoughts on “my patchwork pouf

  1. It’s gorgeous! Way to persevere! I’m glad you tackle projects with such zeal – I love getting to enjoy your creativity. j

  2. I love it! I’m always drooling over the leather ones I see in stores but they’re so $$$$. I might have to give this a go.

  3. I love your selection of fabrics! I made mine from scraps, and it feels great to get rid them but I’m not entirely in love with how they go together.
    I haven’t filled mine yet, however. Any ideas on the most efficient way to do this? I’d like it to be kind of stiff.

    1. Hey Stephanie – Thanks! If you want yours to be stiff I recommend filling it with old men’s shirts or old scraps of fabric. Good luck and send me a pic when you’re finished 🙂

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