magic juice

It’s been a long week y’all and I need a drink, but since it’s so nice out I’m in the mood for something refreshing.

This recipe courtesy of Design Sponge is just what the doctor ordered! I gave it a taste test and these are my modifications.

Ingredients (makes four drinks):
6 hulled strawberries
1 peeled orange
5-7 mint leaves (didn’t have any, so went without)
1/4 peeled cucumber (don’t like cucumber water or anything cucumber flavoured so omitted)
4-6 oz gin, depending on taste (went with 6 oz. of vodka because that’s all we had, but it would have been deelish with gin)
8 oz fresh lemonade (made my own lemonade with water, sugar and lemon juice (the stuff in a bottle))

I muddled the strawberries and orange sections together added the booze let it sit while I made the lemonade, poured the lemonade over ice then added the fruit infused vodka. HEAVEN in a glass. Yep.

Try it out and have a good weekend!

Alanna Banks

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