i’m thankful for…

Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday and time of year so in the spirit of Thanksgiving here are the top 10 things I’m thankful for: What are you thankful for today?

  1. The miracle of reproduction and the growing babe in my belly
  2. My amazing hubs, Dave, who is the most respectful, caring, funny and loving guy a girl could have
  3. All of my beautiful, intelligent and inspiring girlfriends (you know who you are and I love each one of you)
  4. The most supportive and loving parents/soon to be grandparents
  5. My east coast parents, sisters and brothers in law and their adorable children who I wish I could see more of
  6. My health and mobility
  7. A hot cup of tea every morning and a warm cozy bed to crawl into every night
  8. The serenity I get through my yoga practice
  9. A life full of laughter and very few worries
  10. My blog and all of the people that read it everyday (please vote for fridaysoff under best new blog for the Canadian Blog Awards)

Thanks everyone!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Alanna Banks

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