i spy with my little eye something that is…

This sweet little quilt is my latest creation and a keepsake for L’il E. At 47” by 47″ it’s the perfect size for a cuddle on the couch, but it also doubles as an I Spy game. Each patch is a different picture so your little tot will love looking at every patch. Hours of entertainment (okay maybe minutes!)

It’s taken me months to finish, but it really is an easy pattern to follow. So start cutting your scrap fabric into patches and get sewing! I’d love to see your creations when you’re finished.

Happy quilting!


Alanna Banks

3 thoughts on “i spy with my little eye something that is…

  1. An impressive practical project. I see Ethan will become pretty good at finding wine bottles. Now he just needs to learn to use a cork screw and pour to serve us on visits.

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