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Y’all know that I’m a cosmetic junkie so you can imagine how tickled I was when Kiehl’s hooked l’il ol’ me up with a bunch of NEW products to try. The bag of goodies included Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50 (love it! – read how much), Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate (are they trying to tell me something?), and the newest addition to the Ultra Facial Collection – Ultra Facial Oil Free Cleanser, Toner and Lotion. Now that’s a lot of stuff so I’ve given it two months and I am ready to give my honest feedback (aka should you go out and buy it).

Here’s what I think (note: I have combination skin – oily t-zone, but sometimes dry with the occasional breakout):

1. Ultra Facial Oil Free Cleanser, Toner and Lotion (yes, yes and yes!).

I feel a little high maintenance using all three of these products on the daily, but you really do need to make the splurge and go for the trio for best results.

  • Cleanser – all you need is a little dot and it foams up like crazy (use an exfoliator sponge to really get the grime). Skin is left feeling very fresh and clean. No more dry patches and my breakouts are gone!
  • Toner –  like most toners, this one does NOT leave your skin feeling like the Sierra Desert. My only complaint is that it leaves my skin feeling a little sticky or tacky, but only momentarily.
  • Lotion – LOVE IT! I find most oil free lotions have a tendency to leave your skin feeling matte and dry, but this one moisturizes my skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth. It’s SO lightweight too. One thing: I do wish it had SPF for those days that I don’t apply the Super Fluid UV Defense.

2. Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate (yes if you don’t mind forking over the cash).

OK so normally I would never buy this because a) it’s $77 and I can be cheap and b) I’m not sure I’m old enough to warrant line-reducing concentrates, however, I’m totally digging it! I’ve been applying it around my eyes and to my forehead every night and I think I’m already seeing a difference (could it be true?). My skin is definitely more radiant and those fine lines around my eyes are smoother (no more rubber face!).  Favourite feature: it warms up when you’re rubbing it on your face so it feels like magic is happening.

3. Midnight Recovery Concentrate (no).

When I saw this product in the bag I thought it was going to be a miracle treatment (my skin has been pretty tired with all of those middle of the night feedings) but this one unfortunately has wowed me the least. It smells amazing (think lavender and other botanical oils) and I love applying it as I slip into bed, but I haven’t really noticed any results. I’ll continue to use it on occasion and it might have a different effect once the cold weather arrives. Stay tuned…

So that’s what I think. Thank you to Kiehl’s for improving my complexion this summer. It went from a dry/oily mess to something rather radiant!

Now go out and give these products a try yourself!

Alanna Banks

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