can’t get enough

As you know I’m a sucker for things that smell pretty so when I tested the Caldrea hand lotion at Teatro Verde I was sold.  I’m  hooked on the sea salt and neroli fragrance (very fresh!) a mix of lemon verbena, cardamom, sea salt and neroli (neroli? ya it’s the blossom of the Tunisian bitter orange tree..who knew?). Anyway it smells amazing and I can’t get enough of it.

I’m so into it in fact, that I did some snooping around online to learn more about Caldrea and I learned that they have an entire line of green cleaning supplies (they CAN actually smell good!). So here are the deets: all of Caldrea’s liquid products are biodegradable, they don’t contain ammonia, chlorine, phosphates or petroleum distillates, their packaging is fully recyclable and they don’t test on animals.  I haven’t gone so far as testing them out yet, but I’m converting. Now my entire house will smell like sea salt and neroli! Much better than vinegar and baking soda.

I will keep you posted on my spring cleaning.

Alanna Banks

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