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Today’s a lazy kind of day and a perfect day for reading in the park. May I suggest Three Cups of Tea? It’s an inspirational story (true story!) about this American guy (Greg Mortenson) and his mission to promote peace by building schools for girls in remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. It really is a beautiful story, full of adventure and did I already say inspirational? The relationships Mortenson makes along his journey and the trust that he earns from the local people is remarkable.

Pick up a copy, go to the park, find a shady patch under a tree with a blanket and get ready to be inspired (I know I said it again!)

Happy reading! Have you read any good books lately?

Alanna Banks

One thought on “a good read

  1. oooh this is my next book club book! so excited. in fact i am sick at home on the couch but may just nip out and get it!

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